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C5 & C9 Copolymer Hydrocarbon Resins

C5 & C9 Copolymer Hydrocarbon Resins

This C5 & C9 Copolymer Hydrocarbon Resin line includes aliphatic-modified aromatic resins and aromatic-modified aliphatic resins. Aliphatic modified aromatic resins are particularly suitable for uses as tackyfying and rheological property-modifying resins in hot melt adhesives, pressure sensitive adhesives and solvent adhesives. They are compatible with a broad range of resins and polymers, such as EVA, Natural rubber, SIS, SBS. SEBS.

Aromatic modified aliphatic resins enhance compatibility in various elastomers and can provide increased specific adhesion and tack for applications that require improved performance off of low-energy surfaces and recycled corrugated cardboard.

They are mainly used as tackifying resins in pressure sensitive adhesives, packing tapes, hot melt adhesives. Narrow molecular weight distribution enable them to be best resin for use in SIS based high performance formulations.

This resin is also good choice as processing agent for high grade tire and rubber products.

    Bitoner Resin TR-110 is C5 modified C9 resin with SP 110. TR-110 suitable for EVA based hot melt adhesives, solvent based adhesive...
    BITONER C-2120 is light color styrene modified C5 hydrocarbon resin. C-2120 is mainly used in PSA tapes & labels, hot melt adhesives.
  • BITONER C-2130
    Bitoner C-2130 is C9 modified C5 resin with high level of C9 content, it is used for hot melt adhesive, PSA and rubber compounds.
  • Bitoner C-2125
    Bitoner C-2125 is aromatically modified aliphatic resin specially designed for rubber based pressure sensitive adhesives, esp. HMPSA as well as HMA.&n...
  • BITONER TR-2080
    TR-2080 is copolymer resin, designed cost-effective grade for PSA and HMA applications with wide compatibility with EVA ,SBS,SIS and ...
    BITONER TR-100 is light color aliphatically modified C9 hydrocarbon resin. TR-100 is mainly used in EVA based hot melt adhesives, PSA, sea...
    Bitoner Resin TR-120 is C5 modified C9 resin with SP 120. TR-120 suitable for EVA based hot melt adhesives, solvent based adhesive...